Nuvem v1.0.2 Update

Nuvem v1.0.2 – November 9, 2012

We’ve fixed a minor annoyance in Nuvem that saw slide images render over top of the shadow cast by the title bar.

And while under the hood, we puts our promised CDN failure fall-back system into place by including failsafe methods and resources that will help prevent your theme and published sites from behaving erratically should a CDN become inaccessible.

There is also a new script contained within the theme that should allow users to switch a themes dependence from CDN files to local files and back again. See these instructions for more details until we have official documentation in place.

  • [FIXED]: Fixed issue dcc/306:om: Slides are at a higher z-index then the toolbar box-shadow.
  • [ADDED]: shell script inside the theme allows users switch from CDN to local files.
  • [ADDED]: common resources are now located in the theme and will be accessed if the CDN become unavailable.
  • [CHANGED]: non-option scripts are now located before the </body> tag.

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