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Sytten v1.0.0

Sytten v1.0.0 – November 6, 2012

Long time RapidWeaver theme and add-on developers, seyDesign, have just released their latest creation called Sytten. It’s a clean, responsive-ready RapidWeaver theme with a big and bold interface sure to make a lasting impression on visitors. A slight departure from past seyDesign offerings, Sytten focuses largely on fonts, lush background-images and a unique navigation system to tie together a spacious and highly refined design.

The heart of the Sytten design beats around a bold and beautiful top header that is dominated by a big logo, strong title and supportive slogan. The flexibility of the top area can be seen with a plethora of tiles and textures, variable title and slogan font sizes and enough space to host virtually any size logo. The header can also be used to house the built in social icons as well as the animated, semi-transparent top level of the 3-tier SmartNav system.

The true beauty of the top header is revealed when the vistas are selected as a top background. These RWmultitool-editable images are vast and scale to cover the entire top space responsively, looking great on any screen. With selectable filters and masks, it’s possible to fine tune any vista to have the right look. The top header space doesn’t have to dominate the layout either. The header will scale accordingly when presented with a smaller logo file and reduced title and slogan font sizes. Forgoing the use of social links as well as selecting the right SmartNav settings can further decrease the top header height, making it no bigger then your average title bar.

In addition to a standard set of web-safe fonts, Sytten comes preloaded with some of the finest examples of Google web fonts around. The fonts were hand-selected to work seamlessly and beautifully together, each one being a perfect compliment to the next. Select different fonts for the body, the title, slogan, navigation and headings. Also built-in to Sytten is the Font Awesome library — a fun set of scalable icons to dress up copy with graphical flourishes.

True to form for seyDesign, Sytten includes the core framework of features they are known for, including SmartNav, SS3, ExtraContent, SmartAlbums, SmartLayout and much more. Sytten has a full compliment of color and layout options making this theme a flexible fit for a great many applications. Sytten is more then a RapidWeaver theme, it’s a utility of unmatched ability and stunning looks.

Some of Sytten’s other features include:

  • Responsive-ready
  • Width adjustment
  • Top background / effect
  • Logo on / off
  • 3-tier SmartNav with drop menus
  • SS3 slide show
  • Sidebar width / position
  • Font family / size
  • Line height
  • Full color control

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