NEW THEME: Flavorite Ultimate – Smart Themes for Smart Times

## Getting Smarter All the Time ##

It’s been over a year since we introduced our first ExtraContent enabled theme. That is how long we have been including jQuery in our Ultimate themes … but until now we have not truly harnessed the power and smarts that jQuery has to offer.

A number of years ago, RapidWeaver 3.2 introduced theme options. They were a great advance in template based web design, but the options were more or less limited to CSS, notoriously lacking the dependencies of language that allow for dynamic capabilities. Flavorite now adds some smarts to those options, opening up a new world of possibility.

As theme developers, we have always been limited in what we can offer in our products. It’s been a juggling act to get a certain number of options to cascade in just the right flow. With our new approach in Flavorite, we aim to break down those barriers.

## Meet Flavorite, our smartest theme ever. ##

Flavorite Ultimate“smart: (of a device) capable of independent and seemingly intelligent action”

That about sums up our approach to Flavorite, our smartest theme ever. Flavorite Ultimate harnesses the power of today’s web without sacrificing the ease of use that RapidWeaver has always been known for, by giving you the ability to do things like:

* create a slideshow from your custom headers with the click of a button — no code required (IE8+)
* turn rounded corners on or off with ease
* enjoy your content, sidebar, ExtraContent — even individual blog posts — all wrapped in their own pretty boxes

All of these intelligent features are included at no expense to the variety of other great and flexible features like layout width, header heights, variable width sidebar, and fonts galore. In fact, the advanced features in Flavorite are actually aware of each other and their standard feature counterparts.

The best part for you is that it looks and acts the same as any other RapidWeaver theme we’ve made. It just works for you … intelligently.

As a seyDoggy Ultimate theme, Flavorite comes fully loaded with powerful features, including a built in slideshow, 2 tier split navigation, rounded corners, ExtraContent, and a variety of others:

* selectable slideshow
* 4 ExtraContent areas
* RWmultitool ready
* 10 customizable headers
* header height adjustment
* 2 footer modes
* 2 tier, split navigation
* sidebar width
* sidebar positioning
* comprehensive color control
* width control
* font size, style and line height control

30% Discount code (valid until March 12, 2010): vwII7CDdZtCd

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